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19 Superficial temporal veins. Vv. temporales superficiales. They accompany the superficial temporal artery. A

20 Middle termporal vein. V. temporalis media. Arises from the temporalis muscle and opens into the superficial temporal veins. A

21 Transverse facial vein. V. transversa faciei (facialis). Accompanying vein of the transverse facial artery caudal to the zygomatic arch. A

22 Maxillary veins. Vv. maxillares. They unite the pterygoid plexus with the retromandibular vein. B

23 Pterygoid plexus. Plexus pterygoideus. Venous plexus between the temporalis and pterygoid (medial and lateral) muscles, predominantly around the lateral pterygoid muscle with the tributaries listed below. B

24 Middle meningeal veins. Vv. meningeae mediae. Accompany the middle meningeal artery. B

25 Deep temporal veins. Vv. temporales pro-fundae. Accompany the deep temporal artery. B

26 Vein of pterygoid canal. V. canalis ptery-goidei. Accompanies the arteryofthe pterygoid canal. B

27 Anterior auricular veins. Vv. auriculares anteriores. Veins from the external acoustic meatus and pinna. A B

28 Parotid veins. Vv. parotideae. B

29 Articular veins. Vv. articulares. Branches from the temporomandibular joint. B

30 Typmpanic veins. Vv. tympanicae. Branches from the tympanic cavity.

31 Stylomastoid vein. V. stylomastoidea. Accompanies the facial nerve as it emerges from the tympanic cavity. B

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