Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

17 Calcaneocuboid joint. Articulatio calcaneo-cuboidea. Joint between the calcaneus and cuboid bones. AC

17 a Cuneocuboid joint. Articulatio cuneocuboidea.

Articulation between the cuboid bone and lateral cuneiform bone. C

18 Cuneonavicular joint. Articulatio cuneonavicular. Joint between the navicular bone and cuneiform bones. CD

18 a Intercuneiform joints. Articulationes inter cuneiformes. Joint between the cuneiform bones.

19 Interosseous ligaments of the tarsus. Ligg. tarsi interossea. The following three interosseous ligaments are present between the tarsal bones:

20 Interrosseous talocalcaneal ligament. Lig. ta-localcaneum interosseum. Strong mass of ligaments in the sinus tarsi. AC

21 Interosseous cuneocuboid ligament. Lig. cuneocuboideum interosseum. Taut connection betweenthelateralcuneiformboneandthecuboid bone. AC

22 Interosseous intercuneiform ligaments. Ligg. intercuneiformia interossea. Taut ligaments between the three cuneiform bones. C

23 Dorsal ligaments of the tarsus. Ligg. tarsi dor-salia.Thefollowingeightdorsalligamentsarepre-sent between the tarsal bones.

24 Talonavicular ligament. Lig. talonaviculare. Dorsal ligament between the head of the talus and the navicular bone. AD

25 Dorsal intercuneiform ligaments. Ligg. inter-cuneiformia dorsalia. Dorsal ligaments between the cuneiform bones. A

26 Dorsal cuneocuboid ligaments. Lig. cuneocu-boideum dorsale. Dorsal ligaments between the lateral cuneiform bone and the cuboid bone. A

27 Dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament. Lig. cuboideonaviculare dorsale. Ligament between the cuboid and navicular bones. A

28 Bifurcate ligament. Lig. bifurcatum. V-shaped double ligament in front of the sinus tarsi on the dorsum of the foot. Itextends forward from the calcaneus and consists of the following two parts. A

29 Calcaneonavicular ligament. Lig. cal-caneonaviculare. Itextends laterally from the head of the talus to the navicular bone. A

30 Calcaneocuboid ligament. Lig. calcaneo-cuboideum. It extends from the calcaneus and attaches near the middle of the cuboid bone. A

31 Dorsal cuneonavicular ligaments. Ligg. cuneonavicular dorsalia. Broad group of ligaments on the dorsum of the foot connecting the navicular bone with the three cuneiform bones. A

31 a Dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament. Lig. cal-caneocuboideum dorsale. Moderate reinforcement of the joint capsule lateral to the bifurcate ligament. A

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