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18 Collateral sulcus. Sulcus collateralis. Furrow between the parahippocampal and medial oc-cipitotemporal gyri extending into the occipital lobe. AB

19 Rhinal sulcus. Sulcus rhinalis. Continuation of the collateral sulcus occasionally present lateral to the uncus. A B

20 Medial occipitotemporal gyrus. Gyrus occipi-totemporalis medialis. Basal convolution between the collateral and occipitotemporal sulci. AB

21 Occipitotemporal sulcus. Sulcus occipitotem-poralis. Cleft between the medial and lateral oc-cipitotemporal gyri located on the inferior surface of the brain lateral to the collateral sulcus. A B

22 Lateral occipitotemporal gyrus. Gyrus occipi-totemporalis lateralis. Convolution adjoining the occipitotemporal sulcus laterally. At the inferior margin of the temporal lobe it becomes continuous with the inferior temporal gyrus without interruption. A B

23 Gyrus rectus. Elongated convolution located above the orbit at its medial margin. B

24 Olfactory sulcus. Sulcus olfactorius. Groove for the olfactory tract on the inferior surface of the frontal lobe. B

25 Orbital gyri. Gyri orbitales. Frontal convolutions located lateral to the gyrus rectus.

26 Orbital sulci. Sulci orbitales. Furrows between the oribtal gyri. B

26 a Olfactory brain. Rhinencephalon.

27 Olfactory bulb. Bulbus olfactorius. Knob-like enlargement containing dendrite-rich mitral cells at the beginning of the olfactory tract. B

28 Olfactory tract. Tractus olfactorius. Connection between the olfactory bulb and trigone on the inferior surface of the frontal lobe. B

29 Olfactory trigone. Trigonum olfactorium. Triangular widening at the end of the olfactory tract. B

30 Medial and lateral olfactory striae. Striae ol-factoriae medialis et lateralis. Diverging fiber bundles of the olfactory tract radiating fanlike at the olfactory trigone. B

31 Medial and lateral olfactory gyri. Gyri olfac-torii medialis et lateralis. Cellular continuations of the corresponding olfactory striae.

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