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13 Axillary nerve. N. axillaris. Nerve that arises from the posterior cord (C5-6) and passes together with the posterior circumflex humeral artery through the axilla to the teres minor and deltoid muscles. D

14 Muscular branches. Rami musculares. Fibers to the teres minor and deltoid muscles. D

15 Superior lateral brachial cutaneous nerve. N.

cutaneus brachii lateralis superior. It supplies the area of the skin located somewhat over the deltoid muscle. D

16 THORACIC NERVES. Nn. thoracici. Twelve thoracic spinal nerves emerging below thoracic vertebrae 1-12, respectively. C

17 Posterior branches. Rami posteriores. Rami that pass dorsally through the autochthonous muscles ofthe back, then divide to form lateral and medial cutaneous branches. C

18 Lateral/medial muscular branches. Ramus muscularis lateralis/medialis. C

19 Posterior cutaneous branch. Ramus cutaneus posterior. C

20 Anterior branches (intercostal nerves). Rami anteriores (nn. intercostales). Rami forming the intercostal nerves ventrally in the thoracic region. C

21 Lateral cutaneous branch (pectoral/abdominal). Ramus cutaneus lateralis (pectoralis/ abdominalis). Nerve arising from the middle of the intercostal nerve. It passes obliquely ven-trad and appears between the slips of the serra-tus anterior muscle and the latissimus dorsi. C

22 Lateral mammary branches. Rami mammarii laterales. Rami of lateral cutaneous branches arising from T4-6 and passing anteriorly to the mammary region. C

23 Intercostobrachial nerves. Nn. intercostobr-achiales. Lateral cutaneous rami arising usually from T1, but also from T1-3 and passing to the upper arm. C

24 Anterior cutaneous branch (pectoral/abdominal). Ramus cutaneus anterior (pectoralis/ abdominalis). Branch that emerges medially and anteriorly and divides to form medial and lateral branches. C

25 Medial mammary branches. Rami mammarii mediales. Medial branches from the anterior cutaneous rami of intercostal nerves 2-4. C

26 Subcostal nerve. N. subcostalis. Anterior branch ofthe 12ththoracic nerve located below the 12th rib.

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