Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

13 Sections of the hypothalamus. Sectiones hy-pothalami.

14 Dorsal (posterior) hypothalamic region. Regio (area) hypothalamica dorsalis. Area of the hypothalamus next to the apex.

15 Nucleus of ansa lenticularis. Nucleus ansae lenticularis. Groups of cells dispersed in the ansa lenticularis.

16 Anterior (ventral) region of hypothalamus. Regio hypothalamica anterior.

17 Medial/lateral preoptic nucleus. Nucleus preopticus medialis/lateralis. Group of nuclei located beneath the anterior commissure and along the lamina terminalis with projections to the stria terminalis, medial telencephalic fasciculus and medial thalamic nuclei. D

18 Supraoptic nucleus. Nucleus supraopticus. Nucleus lying above the optic chiasm with neu-rosecretory fibers (oxytocin and vasopressin) projecting to the posterior pituitary. D

19 Paraventricular nuclei. Nuclei paraventricu-lares. Group of autonomic nuclei with neu-rosecretory fibers (oxytocin and vasopressin) projecting to the posterior lobe of the hypophysis. They lie superiorly near the base of the hy-pothalamic sulcus and behind the anterior hy-pothalamic nucleus. D

20 Anterior hypothalamic nucleus. Nucleus hy-pothalamicus anterior. Located behind the pre-optic nucleus with projections to the hemispheres, stria terminalis and thalamus, its efferent fibers communicate with motor and auton-omic nuclei. It influences heat regulation, glandular activity and circulation. D

21 Intermediate hypothalamic region. Regio hy-pothalamica intermedia. Area situated between the anterior and posterior hypothalamic regions.

22 Arcuate nucleus. [[Nucleus arcuatus]]. Mural nucleus situated in the entrance to the infun-dibulum. It belongs to the tuberal nuclei, i. e., it regulates the release of hormones from the anterior lobe by delivering an active substance (neurohormone) to blood vessels of the hy-pophysial stalk where its processes (axons) are found. D

23 Tuberal nuclei. Nuclei tuberales. Groups of nuclei in the posterior wall of the infundibulum. They function similar to the arcuate nucleus. D

24 Lateral hypothalamic region. Regio hy-pothalamica lateralis. Area separated from the medial hypothalamus by the fornix, mamil-lothalamic fasciculus and medial telencephalic fasciculus. It is occupied by the lateral preoptic nucleusandthe supraoptic nucleus including its lateral portion. D

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