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14 White matter. Substantia alba. Consists of myelinated nerves and is organized into three cords (funiculi) which contain the nerve pathways. A

15 Substantia gelatinosa centralis. A narrow zone around the central canal with processes from ependymal cells.

16 GRAY COLUMNS. Columnae griseae. Three ridge-like columns of gray matter. B

17 Anterior column. Columna anterior. It is comprised predominantly of motor neurons (anterior horn cells). B

18 Anterior horn. Cornu anterius. Hook-shaped structure seen in transverse section of the spinal cord. D

19 Anterolateral nucleus. Nucleus anterolater-alis. Situated anterolaterally in the anterior horn, it is localized in segments C4-8 and L2-S1 and innervates the muscles of the limbs. D

20 Anteromedial nucleus. Nucleus anterome-dialis. From its anteromedial position in the anterior horn, it extends the entire length of the spinal cord.D

21 Posterolateral nucleus. Nucleus posterolater-alis. It lies posterior to the anterolateral nucleus in segments C5-T1 and L2-S2 and innervates the muscles of the limbs. D

22 Retroposterolateral nucleus. Nucleus retro-posterolateralis. It lies posterior to the post-erolateral nucleus in segments C8-T1 and S1-3. D

23 Posteromedial nucleus. Nucleus posterome-dialis. From the vicinity of the white matter, it extends over segments T1-L3 and probably innervates the trunk musculature. D

24 Central nucleus. Nucleus centralis. A less prominent group in several cervical and lumbar segments. D

25 Nucleus of accessory nerve. Nucleus nervi ac-cessorii (nuc. accessorius). It lies in segments C1-6 in the area of the anterolateral nucleus and provides the root fibers of the spinal portion of the accessory nerve. D

26 Nucleus of phrenic nerve. Nucleus nervi phrenici (nuc. phrenicus). It lies in the middle of the anterior horn and extends from segments C4-C7. D

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