Feneis Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy 2000 Thieme

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21 Jejunal veins. Vv. jejunales. Branches from the jejunum and ileum. A

21 a Ileal branches. Vv. ileales. A

22 Right gastro-omental (gastro-epiploic) vein.

V. gastro-omentalis (epiploica) dextra. Companion vein of right gastro-omental artery. A

23 Pancreatic veins. Vv. pancreaticae. Direct branches from the pancreas. A

24 Pancreaticoduodenal veins. Vv. pancreati-coduodenales. Companion veins of pancreati-coduodenal arteries. A

25 Ileocolic vein. V. ileocolica. Branch from the ileocecal region. A

26 Appendicular vein. V. appendicularis. Vein from the vermiform appendix. A

27 Right colic vein. V. colica dextra. Vein from the ascending colon. A

28 Middle colic vein. V. colica media (intermedia). Vein of transverse colon. It can also drain into the superior and inferior mesenteric veins. A

29 Splenic vein. V. splenica. It is found in the phrenicolic ligament and behind the pancreas. It joins the superior mesenteric vein to form the portal vein. A

30 Pancreatic veins. Vv. pancreaticae. They open directly into the splenic vein. A

31 Short gastric veins. Vv. gastricae breves. They course in the gastrosplenic ligament. A

32 Left gastro-omental (gastro-epiploic) vein. V. gastro-omentalis (epiploica) sinistra. Companion vein of left gastro-omental vein. A

33 Inferior mesenteric vein. V. mesenterica inferior. Extends from the left third of the colon to the upper rectum and opens into the splenic vein. A

34 Left colic vein. V. colica sinistra. Arises from the descending colon. A

35 Sigmoid veins. Vv. sigmoideae. They drain the sigmoid colon. A

36 Superior rectal vein. V. rectalis superior. Branch from the upper rectum. A

37 COMMON ILIAC VEIN. V. iliaca communis. Venous trunk reaching from L4 to the sacroiliac joint. It unites with the contralateral vein to form the inferior vena cava. A

38 Median sacral vein. V. sacralis mediana. Unpaired branch that joins the left common iliac vein. A

39 Iliolumbar vein. V. iliolumbalis. Accompanying vein of the iliolumbar artery. It opens into the internal or common iliac vein. A

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