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17 Acromioclavicular ligament. Lig. acromio-claviculare. Strong fibrous band within and above the articular capsule serving to protect and hold together the clavicle and acromion. D

18 Articular disc. Discus articularis. Fibrocar-tilaginous interarticular disc. D

19 Coracoclavicular ligament. Lig. coracoclavicu-lare. Two-part band connecting the coracoid process and the clavicle. D

20 Trapezoid ligament. Lig. trapezoideum. The portion of the coracoclavicular ligament taking an upward and lateral course from the coracoid process to the clavicle. It lies between the conoid and coraco-acromial ligaments. D

21 Conoid ligament. Lig. conoideum. The portion of the coraco-clavicular ligament medial to the trapezoid ligament. Itarises fromthe rootofthe coracoid process. D

22 Sternoclavicular joint. Articulatio sternoclaviculars. Two-chambered joint between the sternum and clavicle. G

23 Articular disc. Discus articularis. Interarticular disc anchored below to the first rib and above to the clavicle. G

24 Anterior sternoclavicular ligament. Lig. sternoclavicular anterius. Band that reinforces the anteriorwallofthejointcapsule.G

25 Posterior sternoclavicular ligament. Lig. sternoclavicular posterius. Band that reinforces the posterior wall of the joint capsule.

26 Costoclavicular ligament. Lig. costoclaviculare. Ligamentous union between the first rib and the clavicle lateral to the sternoclavicular joint. G

27 Interclavicular ligament. Lig. interclaviculare. Ligament passing across the suprasternal notch and uniting both clavicles. G

28 JOINTS OF THE FREE UPPER LIMB. Articulationes membri superioris liberi.

29 Shoulder (glenohumeral) joint. Articulatio humeri (glenohumeralis). D E F

30 Glenoid lip. Labrum glenoidale. The fibrocar-tilaginous margin of the bony glenoid cavity. E

31 Coracohumeral ligament. Lig. coracohumerale. Thickened portion of the capsule passing from therootofthecoracoidprocesstotheuppermar-gin ofthe greater and lesser tubercles. D E

32 Glenohumeral ligaments. Ligg. glenohumer-alia.Three thickened bands (superior, middle, in-ferior)withintheanteriorwallofthecapsule.DE

~A Temporomandibular joint, lateral viewl

Temporomandibular joint, sagittal section

~A Temporomandibular joint, lateral viewl

Temporomandibular joint, sagittal section

Q Temporomandibular 24 joint, medial view .

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