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18 Anterior/posterior internal vertebral venous plexus. Plexus venosus vertebralis internus anterior/posterior. Venous plexus on the anterior and posterior walls of the vertebral canal between the dura and periosteum or ligaments. B

19 Basivertebral veins. Vv. basivertebrales. Veins lyinginthevertebralbodiesandconvergingposte-riorly to drain into the anterior internal vertebral venous plexus. B

20 Spinal cord veins. Vv. medullae spinalis. Venous plexus in the subarachnoid space for drainage of the spinal cord.

20a Anterior spinal veins. Vv. spinales anteriores. Unite cranially with the network of the pons and continue caudally as the terminal vein.

20b Posterior spinal veins. Vv. spinales posteriores. They terminate cranially at the rhomboid fossa, caudally at the conus medullaris.

21 INFERIOR VENA CAVA. Vena cava inferior. Begin-ningattheunionoftherightandleftcommoniliac veins, it lies to the right of the aorta and opens into the right atrium of the heart. A C

22 Inferior phrenic veins. Vv. phrenicae inferiores. Companion veins of inferior phrenic artery. C

23 Lumbar veins. Vv. lumbales. Segmental lumbar veins 3 and 4 open directly into the inferior vena cava. A C

24 Hepatic veins. Vv. hepaticae. Short intrahepatic veins.

25 Right hepatic veins. Vv. hepaticae dextrae. Veins from right lobe of liver. C

26 Intermediate hepatic veins. Vv. hepaticae inter-mediae. Veins from caudate lobe of the liver. C

27 Left hepatic veins. Vv. hepaticae sinistrae. Veins from the left lobe of the liver. C

28 Renal veins. Vv. renales. Right and left veins from kidney. C

28 a Capsular veins. Vv. capsulares. Form the venous network of the fatty capsule and anastomose with neighboring and stellate veins. They can form a collateral circulation. C

29 Left suprarenal vein. V. suprarenalis (adrenalis) sinistra. Vein from the left suprarenal gland. C

30 Left testicular vein. V. testicularis sinistra. Vein from left testis. C

31 Left ovarian vein. V. ovarica sinistra. Vein from left ovary. C

32 Right suprarenal vein. V. suprarenalis (adrenalis) dextra. Vein from right suprarenal gland usually opening directly into the inferior vena cava. C

33 Right testicular vein. V. testicularis (adrenalis) dextra. It opens directly into the inferior vena cava. C

34 Right ovarian vein. V. ovarica dextra. It opens directly into the inferior vena cava. C

35 Pampiniform plexus. Plexus pampiniformis. Venous plexus around the spermatic cord. C

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