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14 Common plantar digital nerves. Nn. digitales plantares communes. Two branches, one passing to the little toe and giving off a branch to the flexor digiti minimi brevis, the other proceeding to the interval between the 4th and 5th toes. A

15 Proper plantar digital nerves. Nn. digitales plantares proprii. They pass to the fibular and tibial sides of the little toe as well as to the fibu-lar side of the 4th toe. A

16 Deep branch. Ramus profundus. Muscular branch passing in company with the plantar arch to the interossei, adductor hallucis and the lateral three lumbrical muscles. A

17 Pudendal nerve. N. pudendus. Arising from S2-4, it passes through the greater sciatic foramen below the piriformis [["infrapiriform foramen"]] to the ischioanal fossa. C

18 Inferior rectal nerves. Nn. rectales (anales) inferiores. Fibers from S3-4 for the external anal sphincter and the anal skin. C

19 Perineal nerves. Nn. perineales. Collective term for the nerves of the perineum.

20 Posterior scrotal (labial) nerves. Nn.

scrotales/libiales posteriores. They reach the scrotum (labium majus) from behind. C

21 Muscular branches. Rami musculares. They supply the muscles of the perineum.

22 Dorsal nerve of penis. N. dorsalis penis. Paired nerves lying on the dorsum of the penis with branches also to the underside of the penis. C

23 Dorsal nerve of clitoris. N. dorsalis clitoridis. Smaller nerve corresponding to the dorsal nerve of the penis. C

24 Coccygeal nerve. N. coccygeus. Last spinal nerve. It emerges between the coccyx and sacrum and anastomoses with S4-5 nerves. C

25 Coccygeal plexus. Plexus coccygeus. Nerve plexus formed by fibers from a part of S4, all of S5 and the coccygeal nerve. It supplies the skin over the coccyx. C

26 Anococcygeal nerves. Nn. anococcygei. Several fine nerves from the coccygeal plexus. They pierce the anococcygeal ligament and supply the skin lying over it. C

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