The success of Dr. Feneis's "Bildwörterbuch" has been phenomenal. I remember seeing the first edition of it most vividly and wondering why no one else had thought of producing such a useful book. And now it is in its eighth German edition, and has also been translated into many languages. I have several such versions of it on the shelf above my desk, and I refer to it frequently. It is, of course, much more than a dictionary of the official "Nomina Anatomica," for it is also a most valuable working pocket book for anyone in the field of anatomy and medicine. It is its illustrations which make it so useful and, indeed, unique; I know of no other similar dictionary in any language in which the terms are not only defined but also shown in clear, simple pictures. Among the large number of books on anatomy appearing year after year, few have the originality and perennial usefulness to become of permanent value. This volume is undoubtedly of this elite quality. It will serve students, academics, and clinicians throughout their working years.

Roger Warwick Professor Emeritus University of London (Guy's Hospital Medical School)

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