11 Base of heart. Basis cordis. Dorsally directed upper, broad surface of the nearly cone-shaped heart lying opposite to the apex. It is formed mainly by the posterior wall of the left atrium.

12 Sternocostal surface. Facies sternocostalis [anterior].Anteriorlydirectedconvexsurfaceof the heart. B D

13 Diaphragmatic surface. Facies diaphragmatica [inferior]. Inferior surface of heart that touches the diaphragm. D

14 Pulmonary surface. Facies pulmonalis. Lateral surface of heart that lies in contact with the lungs. D

15 Right margin. Margo dexter. Right margin of the heart. It is often sharp-edged in the cadaver. B

16 Apex cordis. Apex of heart directed forward, toward the left and downward. B

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