Tuberositas musculi serrati anterioris.

Roughened area on the outer surface of the shaft of the second rib that gives attachment to the serratus anterior muscle. A D Cervical rib. [Costa cervicalis]. Accessory rib at C7. It can irritate the nerves to the arm. Sternum. C D

Manubrium sterni. The portion of the sternum situated above the sternal angle. C D Clavicular notch. Incisura clavicularis. Indentation for the sternoclavicular joint. C D Jugular notch. Incisura jugularis. Concavity at the upper border of the manubrium. D Sternal angle. Angulus sterni (sternalis) [[Ludovici]]. Angle between the body and manubrium of the sternum. It is palpable through the skin. C D

Sternal synchondroses. Synchondroses sternales. The two synchondroses of the sternum are as follows:

Manubriosternal synchondrosis. [Synchon-drosis manubriosternalis]. Cartilaginous joint between the manubrium and the body of the sternum. C D

Xiphisternal synchondrosis. Synchondrosis xiphisternalis. Cartilaginous joint between the body of the sternum and the xiphoid process. C D

Body of sternum. Corpus sterni. Situated between the manubrium and xiphoid process. C D

Xiphoid process. Processus xiphoideus. Stout process at the lower end of the sternum. C D Costal notches. Incisurae costales. Indentations for the costal cartilages. C D Suprasternal bones. [Ossa suprasternalia]. Small osseous remnants of the earlier epister-num occurring in the ligaments of the sterno-clavicular joint.

Thoracic skeleton. Compages thoracis. 35 a Thoracic cavity. Cavitas thoracis. Used to denote the chest and chest cavity.

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