Iliac crest Crista iliaca A C

16 External lip of the iliac crest. Labium exter-num. Bony ridge for attachment of the external abdominal oblique muscle. A

17 Tubercle of iliac crest. Tuberculum iliacum. Palpable projection on the external lip of the iliac crest about 5 cm behind the anterior iliac spine at the junction of the anterior gluteal line with the iliac crest. A

18 Linea intermedia. Rough bony area between the external and internal lips of the iliac crest. Origin of the internal abdominal oblique muscle. A

19 Internal lip of the iliac crest. Labium internum. Bony ridge on the inner margin of the iliac crest for attachment of the transversus abdom-inis muscle. A C

20 Anterior superior iliac spine. Spina iliaca anterior superior. Bony projection marking the anterior limit of the iliac crest. Origin of the sar-torius muscle. A C

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