Greater palatine sulcus (pterygopalatine sulcus). Sulcus palatinus major [[sulcus pterygopalatine]]. Groove which combines with the greater palatine sulcus of the maxilla to form the greater palatine canal for the greater palatine nerves and the descending palatine artery. D E

Pyramidal process. Processus pyramidalis. Process inserted into the pterygoid notch (fissure). ACD E

Lesser palatine canals. Canales palatini minores. Canals in the pyramidal process for the lesser palatine arteries and nerves. A

Conchal crest. Crista conchalis. Ridge for attachment of the inferior nasal concha. D E

Ethmoidal crest. Crista ethmoidalis. Ridge for attachment of the middle nasal concha. D E

Orbital process. Processus orbitalis. Process that projects forward and upward between the maxillary, ethmoid and sphenoid bones. D E

Sphenoidal process. Processus sphenoidalis. Process in the superior portion of the palatine bone behind the sphenopalatine notch. D E

Horizontal plate. Lamina horizontalis. Plate that forms the posterior portion of both the hard palate and the floor of the nasal cavity. A B D E

Nasal surface. Facies nasalis. Surface facing the nasal cavity. B D

Palatine surface. Facies palatina. Surface facing the oral cavity. A D

Lesser palatine foramina. Foramina palatina minora. Openings of the lesser palatine canals. A

Posterior nasal spine. Spina nasalis posterior. Tip of the nasal crest along the median plane at the junction with the palatine bone of the opposite side. A B E

Nasal crest. Crista nasalis. Median bony ridge at the union with the palatine bone of the opposite side. B D E

Palatine crest. Crista palatina. Ridge frequently present on the inferior surface of the horizontal plate behind its anterior margin. A

1 Zygomatic bone. Os zygomaticum. It forms a large part of the lateral wall of the orbit and a part of the zygomatic arch. A B

2 Lateral surface. Facies lateralis. A

3 Temporal surface. Facies temporalis. Surface forming much of the anterior wall of the temporal fossa. B

4 Orbital surface. Facies orbitalis. Surface facing the orbit. AB

5 Temporal process. Processus temporalis. Posteriorly directed process which combines with the zygomatic process of the temporal bone to form the zygomatic arch. AB

6 Frontal process. Processus frontalis. Process which unites with the zygomatic process of the frontal bone. A B

6a Orbital eminence. Eminentia orbitalis. Small tubercle just within the lateral margin of the orbit. Gives attachment to the lateral palpebral ligament, among others. A B

7 Marginal tubercle. [Tuberculum marginale]. Prominence usually present on the posterior margin of the frontal process. Attachment site of the temporalis muscle. A B

8 Zygomatico-orbital foramen. Foramen zygo-matico-orbitale. Foramen on the orbital surface leading into a bony canal for the zygomatic nerve. A B

9 Zygomaticofacial foramen. Foramen zygo-maticofaciale. Opening on the lateral surface for passage of the zygomaticofacial nerve. A

10 Zygomaticotemporal foramen. Foramen zy-gomaticotemporale. Foramen on the temporal surface for passage of the zygomaticotemporal nerve. B

11 Mandible. Mandibula. Lower jaw bone. C D E

12 Body of mandible. Corpus mandibulae. Horizontal part of the mandible to which the mandibular rami are attached. C

13 Base of mandible. Basis mandibulae. Lower portion of the body of the mandible minus the alveolar part. C

14 Symphysis menti. Symphysis mandibulae (medialis). Median connective tissue bridge between the right and left halves of the mandible. It becomes ossified in the first postnatal year.

15 Mental protuberance. Protuberantia mentalis. Prominence of the chin. C

16 Mental tubercle. Tuberculum mentale. Prominence on either side of the mental pro-tubereance. C

17 Gnathion. A cephalometric landmark indicating the lowest point on the midline of the mandible. C

18 Mental foramen. Foramen mentale. Opening for the mental nerve below the second premolar. Pressure point for the third division of the trigeminal nerve. C

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