2 Aqueous humor. Humor aquosus. Produced by the ciliary processes. It flows between the interstices of the suspensory ligaments of the lens to the anterior surface of the lens and then between the iris and lens to the pupil, through which it enters the anterior chamber. Vitreous chamber. Camera vitrea. Space filled up by the vitreous body. B Vitreous body. Corpus vitreum. It consists of about 98% water and primarily contains traces of protein and NaCl and a mixture of fine fibrils which thicken near the surface to form a limiting membrane. It has a gelatinous consistency due to its high content of hyaluronic acid. A Hyaloid artery. [A. hyaloidea]. Branch of the ophthalmic artery supplying the vascular membrane of the lens. Present only during embryonic development. The proximal portion persists in the optic nerve as the central retinal artery. B

Hyaloid canal. Canalis hyaloideus. Canal within the vitreous body formerly occupied by the embryonic hyaloid artery which degenerates in this region. The canal assumes a downward sagging corkscrew shape; it extends from the optic disc to the posterior surface of the lens. Its wall is formed by condensed fibers. A

Hyaloid (lenticular, patellar) fossa. Fossa hyaloidea. Fossa on the anterior surface of the vitreous body adjacent to the lens. A Vitreous (hyaloid) membrane. Membrana vitrea. Condensation of fibers on the surface of the vitreous body. See (4), vitreous body. A Stroma of vitreous body. Stroma vitreum. Fine network of fibers in the virtreous body. Its surface thickens to form the vitreous membrane.

9 a Vitreous humor. Humor vitreus. Fluid part of vitreous body. Primarily consists of mucupoly-saccharides and is situated between the fibers of the stroma.

LENS. Structure of the eye situated between the pupil and vitreous body. It is suspended by the ciliary zonule (suspensory ligaments), has a diameter of 9-10 mm and is about 4 mm thick. B C D

Substantia lentis. Lens substance situated beneath the lens epithelium and comprising the lens nucleus and lens cortex with a refractive index of 1.44-1.55. C Lens cortex. Cortex lentis. External zone of the lens. It is softer owing to its high water content and blends into the lens nucleus without a sharp boundary. C

Nucleus of lens. Nucleus lentis. Harder core of the lens with a low water content, as is especially evident in the elderly. C

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