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1 Posterolateral sulcus. Sulcus posterolateralis. Furrow reaching up to the lateral recess of the 4th ventricle. Site of exit of cranial nerves IX, X and XI. A

2 Inferior cerebellar peduncle. Pedunculus cere-bellaris inferior. Inferior connection to the cerebellum with fibers of the posterior spinocere-bellar tract and olive. A

3 Trigeminal tubercle (tuber cinereum). Tuber-culum trigeminale. Low lateral elevation above the spinal tract of the trigeminal nerve. B

4 Cuneate fasciculus. Fasciculus cuneatus. Lateral part of posterior funiculus coming from the upper half of the body. A

5 Cuneate tubercle. Tuberculum cuneatum. Oblong prominence at the end of the cuneate fasciculus produced by the nucleus cuneatus. A

6 Fasciculus gracilis. Medial part of posterior funiculus coming from the lower half of the body. A

7 Gracile tubercle (clava). Tuberculum gracile. Oblong bulge over the nucleus gracilis. A

8 Posterior median sulcus. Sulcus medianus posterior. Posterior furrow continued from the spinal cord and closed above by a medullary lamella (obex). A

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