Alveolar arch. Arcus alveolaris. Curved free margin of the alveolar part. E

Dental alveoli. Alveoli dentales. Sockets for reception and fixation of the roots of the teeth. E

Interalveolar septa. Septa interalveolaria. Bony ridges between the dental alveoli. E

Interradicular septa. Septa interradicularia. Bony partitions between the roots ofthe teeth. E

Alveolar juga. Juga alveolaria. Protrusions on the external surface of the mandible caused by the fan-like roots of the teeth. C E

Mandible ID Mandible, medial view

1 Ramus of mandible. Ramus mandibulae. Process that projects superiorly from the mandible. A

2 Angle of mandible. Angulus mandibulae. Angle between the body and ramus of the mandible. It is most erect in adults and very wide in newborns and toothless elderly individuals (ca. 140°). A

3 Gonion. Anthropometric landmark indicating the most inferior, posterior, and lateral point of the angle of the mandible. A

4 Masseteric tuberosity. Tuberositas masseterica. Roughened area occasionally present on the external surface of the angle of the mandible. Attachment site of the masseter muscle. A

5 Pterygoid tuberosity. Tuberositas ptery-goidea. Roughened area occasionally present on the internal surface near the angle of the mandible. Attachment site of the medial ptery-goid muscle. A

6 Mandibular foramen. Foramen mandibulae. Opening on the inner aspect of the mandibular ramus leading into the mandibular canal. A

7 Lingula of mandible. Lingula mandibulae. Bony projection medial to the mandibular foramen. Attachment site of the sphenomandibular ligament. A

8 Mandibular canal. Canalis mandibulae. Bony canal within the mandible for passage of the inferior alveolar artery and nerve. It begins at the mandibular foramen and passes beneath the roots of the teeth to the vicinity of the median plane. A

9 Mylohyoid groove. Sulcus mylohyoideus. Groove extending forward and downward from the mandibular foramen and housing the mylo-hyoid nerve and the mylohyoid branch of the inferior alveolar artery. A

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