VESTIBULOCOCHLEAR NERVE (VIII). N. vestibulo-cochlearis [VIII]. Eighth cranial nerve. Nerve that exits at the lower margin of the pons and passes through the internal acoustic meatus to the vestibular (equilibrium) and auditory organs. A Vestibular nerve. N. vestibularis. Superior,ventral, vestibular portion of vestibulocochlear nerve. A Cochlear nerve. Nervuscochlearis. Inferior, dorsal, cochlear part of vestibulocochlear nerve. A Vestibular nerve. Nervus vestibularis. Portion of VIII nerve passing from the vestibular nucleus to the maculae and ampullary crest. A Vestibular ganglion. Ganglion vestibulare. Ganglion located in the floor of the internal acoustic meatus. It contains bipolar neurons associated with the vestibular nerve. A Communicating branch with cochlear nerve. Ramus communicans cochlearis. Upper part of vestibular ganglion. Pars superior. It supplies the anterior and lateral semicircular canals, utricle and anterior part of saccule. A Utriculoampullar nerve. N. utriculoampullaris. Superior branch of vestibular nerve with fibers from the macuala and ampullary crest of the superior (anterior) and lateral semicircular canals. A Utricular nerve. N. utricularis. Branch from the macula utriculi. A

Anterior ampullar nerve. N. ampullarisanterior. Branch from the ampullary crest of the anterior semicircular canal. A

Lateral ampullar nerve. N. ampullaris lateralis. Branch from the ampullary crest of the lateral semicircular canal. A

Inferior part of the vestibular ganglion. Pars inferior. It supplies the posterior semicircular canal and a part of the sacculus. A Posterior ampullar nerve. N. ampullaris posterior. Branch from the ampullary crestof the posterior semicircular canal. A Saccular nerve. N. saccularis. Branch from the macula sacculi. A

Cochlearnerve.Nervuscochlearis.Partoftheves-tibulocochlear nerve for the auditory organ in the cochlea. A

Cochlear (spiral) ganglion. Ganglion cochleare (spiral cochleae). Helical band of ganglion cells directed towards the axis of the cochlea and sit-uatedalongthebaseoftheosseousspirallamina.A GLOSSOPHARYNGEAL NERVE (IX). N. glossopha-ryngeus [IX]. Ninth cranial nerve (nerve of the 3rd pharyngeal arch). It leaves the brain through the posterolateral sulcus behind the olive, courses through the jugular foramen and passes obliquely downward posterior to the stylopharyngeus muscle. It contains motor fibers for the pharyn-geal constrictors and stylopharyngeus muscle and sensory fibers for the pharyngeal mucosa, tonsils and posterior third of the tongue (taste fibers) and parasympathetic fibers to the otic ganglion via the tympanic and lesser petrosal nerves. B Superior (jugular) ganglion. Ganglion superius [[intracraniale]]. Smaller ganglion in the jugular foramen.Itcontainscellbodiesofafferentfibers.B C

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