Basal membrane of semicircular duct. Membrana basalis ductus semicircularis. Appears upon light microscopy as a homogeneous basal membrane situated directly below the epithelium. C

[[Epithelium of semicircular duct]].

[[Epithelium ductus semicircularis]]. Simple epithelium lining the inner aspect of the membranous semicircular duct. The cells are flat and become cuboidal on their concave side. C Membranous ampullae. Ampullae mem-branaceae. Dilatations of the semicircular ducts in the vicinity of the utricle. Anterior membranous ampulla. Ampulla membranacea anterior. Dilatation at the end of anterior (superior) semicircular duct located near the lateral membranous ampulla. A Posterior membranous ampulla. Ampulla membranacea posterior. Dilatation at the end of the posterior semicircular duct located distal to the other two membranous ampullae. A Lateral membranous ampulla. Ampulla membranacea lateralis. Ampulla of the lateral semicircular duct located proximal to the anterior membranous ampulla. A Sulcus ampullaris. Indentation below the am-pullary crest bearing branches from the ampullar nerve for innervation of the ampullary crest. B

Ampullary crest. Crista ampullaris. Crescent-shaped ridge projecting into the ampullary space. It is covered by sensory epithelium and has a base of nerve fibers and connective tissue. B

[[Neuroepithelium]]. Sensory epithelium of ampullae consisting of supporting cells and sensory cells with hairs (microvilli) projecting from the surface into an overlying cupula. B Cupula. Gelatinous body suspended above the ampullary crest as far as the roof of the ampulla and penetrated by hairs of the sensory cells. B Membranous crura. Crura membranacea. Limbs of semicircular ducts opening into the utricle.

Simple membranous crus. Crus mem-branaceum simplex. Posterior limb of lateral semicircular duct opening independently into the utricle. A

Ampullary membranous crura. Crura membranacea ampullaria. Semicircular duct segments situated between the ampullae and the utricle. A

Common membranous crus. Crus mem-branaceum commune. Common limb formed by the anterior and posterior semicircular ducts and opening into the utricle. A

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