1 A. dorsalis pedis. Continuation ofanteriortibial artery on dorsum of foot. After crossing under the tendon of the extensor hallucis longus and passing the extensor retinaculum, it lies lateral to this tendon, where it is palpable. B

2 Lateral tarsal artery. A. tarsalis lateralis. Arises at the level of the head of the talus, passes under the short extensors of the toes in the direction of the cuboid bone, and anastomoses with the arcuate artery ofthe foot. B

3 Medial tarsal arteries. Aa. tarsales mediales. Several free branches to the inner margin of the foot. B

4 Arcuate artery of foot. [A. arcuata]. It takes a curved course laterally over the base of the metatarsals below the extensor digitorum brevis. B

5 Dorsal tarsal arteries. Aa. tarsales dorsales. Fourbrancheswhich passdistallyoverthe inter-metatarsal areas, each dividing into two dorsal digital arteries. B

6 Dorsal digital arteries. Aa. digitales dorsales. Interdigital arteries arising from the dorsal tar-sal arteries. B

7 Deep plantar artery. A. plantaris profunda. Especially large perforating branch of a dorsal tarsal artery for anastomosis with the plantar arch. B

8 Posterior tibial artery. A. tibialis posterior. It arrives beneath the tendinous arch of the soleus muscle below the superficial flexor group and passes to the medial malleolus from behind. A C

9 Fibular circumflex branch. Ramus cir-cumflexus fibularis [[ramus fibularis]]. Arising near the origin of the posterior tibial artery and passes anteriorly around the fibula to join the articular network ofthe knee. A

10 Medial malleolar branches. Rami malleolares mediales. They pass behind the medial malle-olus and join the medial malleolar network. A

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