Gambar Psterior Axillaris Line

36 Peripheral. Peripheralis. Not pertaining to the center.

36a Periphery. Periphericus.

37 Radial. Radialis. Pertaining to or located at the radius. B

38 Ulnar. Ulnaris. Pertaining to or located at the ulna. B

39 Fibular. Fibularis. Pertaining to the fibula or located on the fibular part of the leg. B

40 Tibial. Tibialis. Pertaining to the tibia or locted on the tibial part of the leg. B

41 Palmar. Palmaris. Pertaining to or located on the plam. B

42 Volar. Volaris. Same as palmar. B

43 Plantar. Plantaris. Pertaining to or located on the sole of the foot. B

44 Flexor. A muscle that bends (flexes) a joint.

45 Extensor. A muscle that straightens (extends) a joint.

46 \regions and parts of the body. Regiones et partes corporis.

47 Anterior median line. Linea mediana anterior. Vertical plane through the middle of the trunk. C

48 Sternal line. Linea sternalis. Line corresponding to the lateral margin of the sternum. C

49 Parasternal line. Linea parasternalis. Vertical line midway between the sternal and midclavicular lines. C

50 Midclavicular (mammary) line. Linea medio-clavicularis. Vertical line passing through the halfway point of the clavicle. C

51 Mammary line. Linea mamillaris. Same as mid-clavicular line. C

52 Anterior axillary line. Linea axillaris anterior. It lies at the anterior fold of the axilla. C

53 Axillary (midaxillary) line. Linea axillaris media. It lies in the middle between the anterior and posterior axillary lines. C

54 Posterior axillary line. Linea axillaris posterior. It lies at the posterior fold of the axilla. B C

55 Scapular line. Linea scapularis. A vertical line through the inferior angle of the scapula. B Paravertebral line. Linea paravertebralis. Vertical line through the ends of the transverse processe visible only in radiograms. B

Linea Axillaris Anterior

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