Capsule of prostate. Capsula prostatica. Provided with smooth muscle fibers, it is firmly fused to the prostate. D

Parenchyma. Glandular component of the prostate.

Prostatic ductules. Ductuli prostatici. 15-30 glandular excretory ductules which open into the prostatic urethra. C

Substantia muscularis. Smooth muscle situated between the glandular alveoli. C M. puboprostaticus. Tracts of smooth muscle contained within the puboprostatic (pubovesical) ligament extending from the pubic symphy-sis to the prostate.

Bulbourethral [[Cowper's]] gland. Glandula bulbourethralis [[Cowper's]]. Pea-sized mucous gland located in the urogenital diaphragm. E Duct of bulbourethral gland. Ductus gl. bul-bourethralis.Excretoryductofthebulbourethral gland, 3-4 cm long. E

EXTERNAL MALE GENITALIA. Organa genitalia masculina externa. E

Penis. Male copulatory organ consisting of cavernous bodies and the urethra. E Root of penis. Radix penis. Portion of the penis attached to the pubis. E

Body (shaft) of penis. Corpus penis. Portion of the penis situated between the root and the glans. E

Crus penis. Cavernous body attached to the inferior ramus of the pubis. E Dorsum penis. Flattened upper surface of penis. Urethral surface. Facies urethralis. Underside of penis. It bears the urethra within the corpus spongiosum. E

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