1 Bony spiral lamina. Lamina spiralis ossea. Bilayered bony plate projecting from the modi-olus into the spiral canal ofthe cochlea in a spiral fashion. Together with the cochlear duct to which it is attached, it forms a complete partition between the scala vestibuli and scala tym-pani. B

2 Hook of spiral lamina. Hamulus laminae spi-ralis. Free hook-shaped upper end of the osseous spiral lamina at the apex of the cochlea. B

3 Helicotrema. Confluence between scala vesti-buli and scala tympani at the apex of the cochlea. It exists because the bony spiral lamina and the cochlear duct end before reaching the apex of the cochlea. B

4 Secondary spiral lamina. Lamina spiralis secundaria. Bony ridge situated in the lower half of the basal turn. It projects from the outer wall of the spiral canal across from the bony spiral lamina. The inferior part of the basilar membrane extends between these two spiral laminae. B

5 Internal acoustic (auditory) meatus. Meatus acusticus internus. Arises near the posterior wall ofthe petrous part ofthe temporal bone. It is about 1 cm long and transmits the vestibulo-cochlear and facial nerves and the labyrinthine artery and vein. A

6 Porus acusticus. Outer opening of internal acoustic meatus into the posterior wall of the petrous part of the temporal bone above the jugular foramen. A

7 Fundus of internal auditory meatus. Fundus meatus acustici interni. Floor of meatus, which is subdivided into several fields. A

8 Transverse crest. Crista transversa. Transversely oriented ridge dividing the fundus of the internal acoustic meatus into an upper and lower part. A

9 Facial nerve area. Area nervi facialis. Region containing the beginning of the facial nerve canal. A

10 Cochlear area. Area cochleae. Large region below the transverse crest. It contains the foraminous spiral tract. A

11 Foraminous spiral tract. Tractus spiralis forami-nosus. Area perforated by fibers of the spiral ganglion forming the cochlear part of the vesti-bulocochlear nerve. It corresponds to the spiral canal of the cochlea. A

| 12 Superior vestibular area. Area vestibularis superior. Region lateral to the facial canal and perforated by fibers of the utriculo-ampullar nerve. A

13 Inferior vestibular area. Area vestibularis inferior. Region located lateral to foraminous spiral tract and perforated by fibers of the sacular nerve. A

14 Small opening for the posterior ampullar nerve.

Foramen singulare. It lies behind the inferior vestibular area. A

MIDDLE EAR. Auris media. Part of the ear comprising the tympanic (middle ear) cavity, auditory tube and mastoid cells.

Tympanic cavity. Cavitas tympanica (cavum tympani). Obliquely oriented space medial to the tympanic membrane (eardrum). It contains the auditory ossicles and communicates post-erosuperiorly with the mastoid air cells and an-teroinferiorly with the nasopharyngeal cavity via the auditory tube.

Tegmental wall (tegmen tympani). Paries tegmentalis. Thin roof of the tympanic cavity. It lies lateral to the arcuate eminence of the petrous part of the temporal bone. C Epitympanic recess (attic). Recessus epitym-panicus. Dome of tympanic cavity located above the upper margin of the tympanic membrane and arching superiorly and laterally. C Cupular part. Pars cupularis. Upper portion of epitympanic recess. C

Jugular wall. Paries jugularis. Floor of the tympanic cavity facing the jugular fossa. C Styloid prominence. Prominentia styloidea. Elevation on the floor of the tympanic cavity produced by the styloid process. C Labyrinthine wall. Paries labyrinthicus. Medial wall of tympanic cavity. C

Oval window. Fenestra vestibuli [[ovalis]]. It is closed by the base of the stapes. C Fossula fenestrae vestibuli. Small depression in medial wall of tympanic cavity between the malleus and incus. C

Promontory. Promontorium. Prominence caused by the basal turn of the cochlea. C

Sulcus promontorii. Groove on the promontory produced by the tympanic nerve from the tympanic plexus. C

Subiculum promontorii. Small bony ridge behind the promontory and round window. C

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