1 Cranial pia mater. Pia mater cranialis (en-cephali). Delicate meninx bearing blood vessels and covering the surface of the brain as well as extending into its sulci.

2 Tela choroidea of fourth ventricle. Tela choroidea ventriculi quarti. Thin membrane of pia mater and ependyma in lower part of roof of fourth ventricle. It is attached laterally to the tenia and exhibits lateral and median apertures. B

3 Choroid plexus of fourth ventricle. Plexus choroideus ventriculi quarti. Paired garlandlike, ependyma-covered villous projections which extend into both lateral apertures. B

4 Tela choroidea of third ventricle. Tela choroidea ventriculi tertii. Thin, ependyma-covered membrane of pia mater between right and left teniae of thalamus. C

5 Choroid plexus of third ventricle. Plexus choroideus ventricul tertii. Paired, highly vascularized villous formations projecting from the thin roof into the third ventricle and continuing anteriorly through the interventricular foramina into the choroid plexuses of the lateral ventricles. C

6 Choroid plexus of lateral ventricle. Plexus choroideus ventriculi lateralis. Villous, highly vascularized garland invaginated into the lateral ventricle through the choroid fissure. It extends from the interventricular foramen to the inferior horn. C

7 Choroid glomus. Glomus choroideum. Enlargement of the choroid plexus in the region of the collateral trigone at the root of the inferior horn. C

8 Spinal pia mater. Pia mater spinalis. Vascu-larized connective tissue membrane firmly united to the surface of the spinal cord. A

9 Denticulate ligament. Lig. denticulatum. Frontally situated connective tissue membrane connecting the spinal cord with the spinal dura mater. It has bow shaped recesses at the level of the spinal nerve roots. A

10 Intermediate cervical septum. Septum cervicale intermedium. Connective tissue partition in the cervical segment of the spinal cord between the gracilis and cuneatus fasciculi extending from the pia mater to the depths of the posterior funiculus. A F

11 Internal filum terminale. Filum terminale in-ternum (piale). Filamentous, caudal extension of the spinal cord and pia mater contained in the external terminal ligament. D E

12 CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Systema nervo-sum centrale. It comprises the brain and spinal cord.

13 SPINAL CORD. Medulla spinalis. Consists of the myelin-rich white matter and the myelin-poor gray matter. It extends from the caudal end of the medulla oblongata, near the exit of the first spinal nerves, to the beginning of the filum terminale at L1-2. A D

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