1 Anterior cerebral artery. A. cerebri anterior. One of the two terminal arteries of the internal carotid artery. It runs posteriorly above the corpus callosum and supplies the greater part of the medial surface of the cerebrum. A

2 Precommunical part. Pars precommunicalis. Portion ofthe anterior cerebral artery proximal to the anterior communicating branch. A

3 Anteromedial central arteries (anteromedial thalamostriate arteries). Aa. centrales an-teromediales (aa. thalamostriatae anterome-diales). Branches arising from the anterior cerebral arteries and passing into the thalamus and curpus striatum from below. A

4 Short central artery. A. centralis brevis. Short branch of anterior cerebral artery passing into the cerebrum. A

5 Long central artery (recurrent artery). A. centralis longa (a. recurrens) [[Heubner]]. Retrograde branch that runs parallel to the anterior cerebral artery. It penetrates the anterior perforated substance and supplies the middle and lateral parts of the lentiform nucleus, the head of the caudate nucleus and the anterior limb of the internal capsule. A

6 Anterior communicating artery. A. communi-cans anterior. Unpaired connection between the right and left anterior cerebral arteries. A

7 Anteromedial central branches. Rami centrales anteromediales. Anteromedial central branches that penetrate uniformly into the cerebral substance. A

8 Postcommunical part of anterior cerebral artery. Pars postcommunicalis (r. pericallosa). The part distal to the anterior communicating artery. B

9 Medial frontobasal artery (medial orbito-frontalis branch). A. frontobasalis medialis (r. orbitofrontalis medialis). Branch to the lower surface of the frontal lobe. B

10 Callosomarginal artery. A. callosomarginalis. Segment of the anterior cerebral artery located in the sulcus of the corpus callosum. B

11 Anteromedial frontal branch. Ramus frontalis anteromedialis. Branch to the lower half of the medial side of the frontal lobe. B

12 Mediomedial frontal branch. Ramus frontalis mediomedialis. Branch to the middle portion of the medial side of the frontal lobe. B

13 Posteromedial frontal branch. Ramus frontalis posteromedialis. Branch to the posterior portion of the medial surface of the frontal lobe. B

14 Cingular branch. Ramus cingularis. Branch that supplies the cingulate sulcus. B

15 Paracentral artery. A. paracentralis. Branch of the anterior cerebral artery that supplies the area behind the central sulcus. B

16 Precuneal artery. A. precunealis. It supplies the region in front of the cuneus. B

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