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1 Femoral nerve. N. femoralis. Nerve arising from L2-4. It appears at the lateral margin of the psoas and runs between the iliac and psoas major muscles to pass through the muscular lacuna. A

2 Muscular branches. Rami musculares. Branches to the sartorius, pectineus and quadriceps femoris muscles. A

3 Anterior cutaneous branches. Rami cutanei anteriores. Main branches for the distal 3/4 of the anterior surface of the thigh up to the patella. A

4 Saphenous nerve. N. saphenus. Longest, purely sensory ramus of the femoral nerve. It begins in the femoral triangle, passes beneath the "vasto-adductor membrane", which it pierces, arrives beneath the skin between the sartorius and gracilis muscles and, together with the great saphenous vein, proceeds as far as the medial side of the foot. A

5 Infrapatellar branch. Ramus infrapatellaris. It penetrates the sartorius and arrives at the skin below the patella. A

6 Medial cutaneous branches of the leg. Rami cutanei cruris mediales. Branches of saphenous nerve to skin of the lower leg and foot. A

7 Lumbosacral trunk. Truncus lumbosacralis. Connection to the lumbar plexus formed by L5 and a part of L4. A

8 SACRAL PLEXUS. Plexus sacralis. Plexus arising from L5-S3 and a part of L4 and S4, lying anterior to and beneath the fascia of the piriformis muscle beneath its fascia. Its nerves pass to the posterior side of the lower limb. A

9 Nerve to obturator internus muscle. N. musculi obturatorii interni. Nerve that arises from L5-S2 and passes through the greater sciatic foramen into the ischioanal fossa from which it extends to the obturator internus muscle.

10 Nerve to piriformis muscle. N. musculi piriformis. Nerve that arises from S1-2 and proceeds to the anterior side of the piriformis.

11 Nerve to quadratus femoris. N. musculi quadrati femoris. Nerve that arises from L4-S1, passes through the greater sciatic foramen and proceeds down to the quadratus femoris and the hip joint.

12 Superior gluteal nerve. N. gluteus superior. Nerve that arises from L4-S1, passes through the greater sciatic foramen cranial to the piriformis [["suprapiriform foramen"]] and then between the gluteus medius and minimus as far as the tensor fasciae latae. It supplies all of the above-mentioned muscles except the piriformis. B

13 Inferior gluteal neve. N. gluteus inferior. Nerve that arises from L5-S2, passes through the in-frapiriform foramen and supplies the gluteus maximus. B

14 Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve. N. cutaneus femoralis posterior. Nerve that arises from S1-3, passes through the greater sciatic foramen below the piriformis [["infrapiriform foramen"]] and supplies the skin on the posterior side of the thigh and proximal portion of lower leg. B

15 Inferior clunial (gluteal) rami. Rami clunium (gluteales) inferiores. Cutaneous branches passing upward around the lower margin of the glu-teus maximus. B

16 Perineal branches. Rami perineales. Branches that arise from the lower margin of the gluteus maximus and pass beneath the ischial tuberosity medially to the scrotum (labia). One of the branches ascends as far as the coccyx. B

16a Perforating cutaneous nerve. N. cutaneus per-forans. Ramus of the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve supplying the skin of the anus. B

17 Sciatic nerve. N. ischiadicus (sciaticus). Nerve that arises from L4-S3. It is the thickest nerve of the body. It leaves the pelvis through the greater sciatic foramen below the piriformis [[infrapir-iform foramen]] and passes downward lateral to the ischial tuberosity, beneath the gluteus maximus and the long head of the biceps. B

18 Common peroneal (fibular) nerve. N. fibularis communis. Nerve that arises from L4-S2, branches off from the sciatic nerve at a variable level, passes in company with the biceps tendon as far as the posterior aspect of the head of the fibula and then crosses obliquely forward between the skin and fibula. B

19 Lateral sural cutaneous nerve. N. cutaneus surae lateralis. It usually arises in the popliteal fossa and supplies the skin on the lateral aspect of the proximal 2/3 ofthe posterior side of the lower leg. A B

20 Communicating branch of common peroneal (fibular) nerve. Ramus communicans fibularis. It passes beneath the fascia over the lateral head of the gastrocnemius and joins the medial sural cutaneous nerve to form the sural nerve. B

21 Superficial peroneal (fibular) nerve. N. fibularis superficialis. One of the terminal branches of the common fibular nerve. It descends between the peroneal muscles and extensor digitorum longus. A B

22 Muscular branches. Rami musculares. Branches to the peroneus longus and brevis.

23 Medial dorsal cutaneous nerve. N. cutaneus dorsalis medialis. It runs over the extensor reti-nacula and supplies the skin of the dorsum of the foot, the medial side of the big toe and the halves of the 2nd and 3rd toes facing one another. A

24 Intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve. N. cu-taneus dorsalis intermedius. Lateral cutaneous branch of the superficial fibular nerve to the middle and lateral aspect of the dorsum of the foot. A

25 Dorsal digital nerves of foot. Nn. digitales dorsales pedis. Branches for all toes except the distal phalanges. A

26 Deep peroneal (fibular) nerve. N. fibularis profundus. It proceeds beneath the peroneus longus, then lateral to the tibialis anterior muscle to supply the dorsum of the foot. A B

27 Muscular branches. Rami musculares. Rami passing to the tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis longus and brevis, and extensor digitorum longus and brevis muscles. A

28 Dorsal digital nerves of lateral surface of great toe and of medial surface of second toe. Nn. digitales dorsales, hallucis lateralis et digiti secundi medialis. Sensory branches. A

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