Straight segments of renal tubules. [[Tubuli renales recti]]. C

Renal lobes. Lobi renales. Still preserved in the newborn, they correspond to renal pyramids with cortical caps.

26 Renal cortex. Cortex renalis. About 6 mm thick, it consists of glomeruli and predominantly convoluted uriniferous tubules. With the renal columns, it extends up to the wall of the renal pelvis. F

27 Convoluted part (cortical labyrinth). Pars convoluta. Cortical region consisting of glomer-uli and convoluted uriniferous tubules. F

28 Radiating part (medullary rays). Pars radi-ata. Collecting tubules coursing radially into the cortex from the medulla. F

29 Cortical lobules. Lobuli corticales. Areas delimited by interlobular arteries.

29 a Medullary rays. Radii medullares. Consisting of pale collecting tubules which project into the cortex. F

30 Renal medulla. Medulla renalis. Medullary tissue in the shape of renal pyramids and consisting of the straight portions of the urinifer-ous tubules and the collecting ducts. F

31 Renal pyramids. Pyramides renales. Six to 20 pyramidal areas separated by renal columns. They form the medullary substance. F

32 Base of pyramid. Basis pyramidis. It lies at the corticomedullary border. F

33 Renal papillae. Papillae renales. Rounded apical portion of the renal pyramid projecting into the renal calyx. F

34 Area cribrosa. Surface of renal papillae with sieve-like perforations created by the openings of the uriniferous tubules. F

35 Papillary foramina. Foramina papillaria. Holes in the area cribrosa produced by the openings of the uriniferous tubules.

36 Renal columns. Columnae renales. Cortical substance which extends toward the hilum between the renal pyramids. F

37 Renal corpuscle. Corpusculum renale. Composed of a glomerulus and its capsule; it lies in the convoluted part of the cortex. E

38 Glomerulus. Capillary tuft within a renal corpuscle. E

39 Glomerular [Bowman's] capsule. Capsula glomerularis [[Bowman's]]. The capsule around a capillary tuft (glomerulus) of a renal corpuscle. It is continuous with a convoluted tubule. E

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