1 Ischium. Os ischii. Bone which forms the posterior and inferior boundary of the obturator foramen. A B

2 Body of ischium. Corpus ossis ischii. The portion of the ischium situated behind the obturator foramen. A B

3 Ramus of ischium. Ramus ossis ischii. The portion of the ischium situated below the obturator foramen. The anterior end unites with the inferior ramus of the pubis. A B

4 Ischial tuberosity. Tuber ischiadicum (ischiale). Ischial process at the lower end of the lesser sciatic notch. A B

5 Ischial spine. Spina ischiadica (ischialis). Bony prominence between the greater and lesser sciatic notches. B

6 Greater sciatic notch. Incisura ischiadica (ischialis) major. Large notch between the posterior inferior iliac spine and the ischial spine. B

7 Lesser sciatic notch. Incisura ischiadica (ischialis) minor. Notch between the ischial spine and the ischial tuberosity. B

8 Pubis. Os pubis. Bone which forms the anterior and inferior borders of the obturator foramen. A B

9 Body of the pubis. Corpus ossis pubis. A B

10 Pubic tubercle. Tuberculum pubicum. Protuberance located anterolateral to the symphy-sis. A B

11 Symphyseal surface. Facies symphysialis. The median surface of the symphysis facing the contralateral pubis. B

12 Pubic crest. Crista pubica. Ridge extending medially from the pubic tubercle to the sym-physis. Attachment site of the rectus abdominis muscle. A B

13 Superior ramus of the pubis. Ramus superior ossis pubis. The part of the pubis situated above the obturator foramen. A B

14 Iliopubic (iliopectineal) eminence. Eminen-tia iliopubica [e. iliopectinea]. Flat prominence at the proximal portion of the pubis. A B

15 Pecten (pectineal line) of the pubis. Pecten ossis pubis. Sharp, bony ridge which passes to the pubic tubercle as a continuation of the arcuate line. Origin of the pectineus muscle. A B

16 Obturator crest. Crista obturatoria. It extends from the pubic tubercle to the acetabulum. Origin of the pubofemoral ligament. A

17 Obturator groove. Sulcus obturatorius. Sulcus above the obturator foramen. A B

18 Anterior obturator tubercle. Tuberculum ob-turatorium anterius. Small protuberance anterior to the obturator groove. A B

19 Posterior obturator tubercle. [Tuberculum obturatorium posterius]. Prominence occasionally present behind the obturator groove. A B

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