Preputial glands. Gll. preputiales. Sebaceous glands, mainly on the corona of the glans. Male urethra. Urethra masculina. D Prostatic part of urethra. Pars prostatica. Portion of male urethra passing through the prostate. D

Urethral crest. Crista urethralis. Mucosal fold in the dorsal wall of the prostatic urethra continuous with the uvula of the urinary bladder. D Colliculus seminalis. Elevated portion (veru-montanum) of the urethral crest containing the openings of the ejaculatory duct. D Prostatic utricle. Utriculus prostaticus. Blind sac in the colliculus seminalis measuring up to 1 cm in length and representing a rudiment of the paramesonephric duct. D Prostatic sinus. Sinus prostaticus. Furrow on both sides of the colliculus seminalis containing the openings of the prostatic ductules. D Membranous part of urethra. Pars membranacea. Portion of the male urethra passing through the urogenital diaphragm. D Spongy part of urethra. Pars spongiosa. Portion of male urethra surrounded by the corpus spon-giosum. D

Navicular fossa of urethra. Fossa navicularis urethrae. Oval dilatation of the male urethra before its external opening. AD Valve of navicular fossa. [Valvula fossae navic-ularis]. Mucosal fold on the upper wall of the navicular fossa.

External urethral orifice. Ostium urethrae ex-ternum. D

Urethral lacunae. Lacunae urethrales. Numerous outpocketings in the urethral mucosa with the openings of the urethral glands. D Urethral glands. Gll. urethrales. Small mucous glands opening into the urethral lacunae. Ductus (canales) paraurethrals. Inconstant paraurethralductsthatdraintheurethralglands. They open in the vicinity of the external urethral orifice.

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