1 NASAL CAVITY. Cavitas nasi. AC

2 Bony nasal septum. Septum nasi osseum. Bony partition formed by the vomer and the perpendicular plate ofthe ethmoid. C. See page 136.4

3 Piriform aperture. Apertura piriformis (nasalis anterior). Pear-shaped anterior nasal opening in the bony skull. A C D

4 Superior nasal meatus. Meatus nasalis superior. Space above the middle nasal concha. A

5 Middle nasal meatus. Meatus nasalis medius. Space between the middle and inferior nasal conchae. A

6 Inferior nasal meatus. Meatus nasalis inferior. Space below the inferior nasal concha. A

7 Nasolacrimal canal. Canalis nasolacrimalis. Passageway for the nasolacrimal duct which opens beneath the inferior nasal concha. C

8 Sphenoethmoidal recess. Recessus sphenoeth-moidalis. Space above the superior nasal concha. A

9 Nasopharyngeal meatus. Meatus nasopharyn-geus. Part of the nasal cavity that extends from the posterior margin of the conchae to the choana. A

10 Posterior apertures of the nose. Choanae. Bilateral openings between the nasal cavity and the nasopharynx. A

11 Sphenopalatine foramen. Foramen spheno-palatinum. Superior opening in the pterygo-palatine fossa leading into the nasal cavity. The largest part is formed by the palatine bone, a lesser part by the sphenoid. A

12 ORBIT. Orbita. Bony cavity that contains the eyeball. C D

13 Orbital aditus. Aditus orbitalis. Anterior opening (base) of the orbit. D

14 Orbital margin. Margo orbitalis. Bony margin of orbit.

15 Supraorbital margin. Margo supraorbitalis. Upper margin of orbital aditus. C

16 Infraorbital margin. Margo infraorbitalis. Lower margin of orbital aditus. C

16 a Lateral margin. Margo lateralis. Lateral border of orbital aditus.

16 b Medial margin. Margo medialis. Medial border of orbital aditus.

17 Superior wall. Paries superior. Roof of the orbit. C

18 Inferior wall. Paries inferior. Floor of the orbit. C

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