I APPENDICULAR SKELETON. Skeleton appendic-ulare. Bones of the limbs.

1 BONES OF THE UPPER LIMB. Ossa membri su-perioris.

2 SHOULDER (PECTORAL) GIRDLE. Cingulum membri superioris (Cingulum pectorale).

3 Scapula. Shoulder blade. A B

4 Costal (anterior) surface. Facies costalis (anterior). Scapular surface facing the ribs. B

5 Subscapular fossa. Fossa subscapularis. Concavity on the costal surface. B

6 Posterior surface. Facies posterior. Scapular surface facing the skin of the back. A

7 Spine of scapula. Spina scapulae. Long bony ridge on the posterior scapular surface extending into the acromion. A B

8 Supraspinous fossa. Fossa supraspinata (su-praspinosa). Fossa that extends from above the spinous process to the superior margin of the scapula. A

9 Infraspinous fossa. Fossa infraspinata (in-fraspinosa). Fossa that extends from below the spinous process to the inferior angle of the scapula. A

10 Acromion. Free end of the scapular spine projecting over the head of the humerus. A B

11 Acromial articular surface. Facies articularis acromii. Articular facet for the clavicle. B

12 Acromial angle. Angulus acromialis. Sharp bend at the site where the spine of the scapula becomes continuous with the lateral margin of the acromion. A

13 Medial margin. Margo medialis. Border of the scapula facing the vertebral column. A B

14 Lateral margin. Margo lateralis. Border of the scapula facing the humerus. A B

15 Superior margin. Margo superior. Upper border of the scapula. A B

16 Scapular notch. Incisura scapulae (scapularis). Indentation in the superior margin of the scapula just medial to the coracoid process. It is traversed by the suprascapular nerve. A B

17 Inferior angle. Angulus inferior. Lower angle of the scapula. A B

18 Lateral angle. Angulus lateralis. Lateral angle of the scapula bearing the glenoid cavity. A B

19 Superior angle. Angulus superior. Upper medial angle of the scapula. A B

20 Glenoid cavity. Cavitas glenoidalis. Articular cavity of the shoulder. B

21 Infraglenoid tubercle. Tuberculum infragle-noidale. Small tubercle at the inferior margin of the glenoid cavity for the origin of the long head of the triceps. A B

22 Supraglenoid tubercle. Tuberculum supragle-noidale. Small tubercle at the superior margin of the glenoid cavity for the origin of the long head of the biceps. B

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