mediales (anterior eth-moidal nerve) 322.9 posteriores inferiores (pterygopalatine ganglion) 322.23 (pterygopalatine ganglion) posteriores superiores laterales 322.18 mediales 322.19 nervi oculomotorii (posterior communicating artery) 208.20

Ramus (-i) nervorum (internal carotid) 200.21 nodi atrioventricularis (left coronary artery)

192.27 (right coronary artery) 192.14 sinuatrialis (left coronary artery)

192.26 (right coronary artery) 192.9

nucleorum hypothalamicorum (anterior choroidal artery) 202.32

obturatorius (inferior epigastric artery) 224.23 occipitalis (occipital artery) 196.20 (posterior auricular artery) 196.28

(posterior auricular nerve)

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