1 pENSE ORGANS. Organa sensoria (sensuum). 19 In the narrow sense, the organs of vision, hearing, smell and taste.

2 ORGAN OF VISION. Organum visus (visuale).

3 EYE. Oculus.

4 Optic nerve. N. opticus. Fiber bundle beginning in the retina and extending as far as the optic chiasm. Histologically and embryologically speaking, it is the tract of the brain that is accordingly enclosed by meninges up to the posterior aspect of the eyeball. Its axons have no neurilemma (sheath of Schwann) but are myelinated. The myelin sheath is formed by the oligo-dendroglia. A C E

5 Intracranial part. Pars intracranialis. Segment of the optic nerve betweeen the optic canal and the chiasm. E

6 Intracanalicular part. Pars intracanicularis. Segment of the optic nerve located in the optic canal. It is partially connected with the canal wall. E

7 Orbital part. Pars orbitalis. Slightly tortuous segment of the optic nerve measuring about 3 cm in length and occupying the orbit. E

8 Intraocular part. Pars intraocularis. Segment of optic nerve located in the wall of the eyeball.

9 Postlaminar part. Pars postlaminaris. Intraocular segment located behind the lamina cribrosa and thus at the site where the external sheath of the optic nerve (dura) blends into the sclera. A

10 Intralaminar part. Pars intralaminaris. Intraocular segment lying within the lamina cri-brosa. A

11 Prelaminarpart.Pars preliminaris. Intraocular segment extending between the lamina cri-brosa and the nerve fiber layer of the retina. A

12 External sheath. Vagina externa. Dural covering of the optic nerve extending up to the eye-ball.A

13 Internal sheath. Vagina interna. Pia and arachnoid coverings acoompanying the optic nerve to the eyeball. A

14 Intervaginal spaces. Spatia intervaginalia. Subarachnoid space accompanying the optic nerve and the capillary space between the arachnoid and dura. A

15 Eyeball. Bulbus oculis. Globe of the eye. It consists of the cornea and sclera together with all of the structures they enclose. D

16 Anterior pole. Polus anterior (center of anterior curvature) of the eyeball, which is determined by the corneal vertex. D

17 Posterior pole. Polus posterior (center of posterior curvature) of the eyeball, which lies lateral to the exit ofthe optic nerve and opposite to the anterior pole. D

18 Equator. Aequator. Greatest circumference of the eyeball located equidistant from the anterior and posterior poles. D

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