26 Interosseous margin. Margo interosseus. Osseous ridge located between the anterior margin and the medial crest for attachment of a portion of the interosseous membrane. A B D Margin posterior. Margo posterior, directed posterolaterally. B D

Lateral malleolus. Malleolus lateralis. A B Articular surface of malleolus. Facies articu-laris malleoli. Articular surface on the lateral malleolus facing the talus. A B Lateral malleolar fossa. Fossa malleoli later-alis. Depression on the posteromedial aspect of the lateral malleolus for attachment of the posterior talofibular ligament. B 30a Sulcus malleolaris. Groove lateral to the malleolar fossa.

Patella. The knee cap, which is embedded in the quadriceps tendon. C Base ofpatella. Basis patellae. Broad, superior border of the patella. C

Apex of patella. Apex patellae. Inferior, pointed border of the patella. C

Facies articularis. Cartilage-covered articular surface of the patella facing the femur. Facies anterior. Anterior surface of the patella. C

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