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1 Superior thyroid vein. V. thyroidea superior. Accompanying vein of the superior thyroid artery. It drains into the facial or internal jugular vein. A B

2 Middle thyroid veins. Vv. thyroideae mediae. One or more thyroid veins emptying into the internal jugular vein without corresponding arteries. A

3 Sternocleidomastoid vein. V. sternocleidomas-toidea. It passes from the sternocleidomastoid muscle into the internal jugular or superior thyroid vein. A

4 Superior laryngeal vein. V. laryngea superior. Accompanying vein of superior laryngeal artery that drains into the superior thyroid vein. A

5 Facial vein. V. facialis. It courses from the medial angle of the eye, behind the facial artery, the region beneath the submandibular gland. A B

6 Angular vein. V. angularis. Formed by the union of the supratrochlear and supraorbital veins; it becomes continuous with the facial vein at the medial angle of the eye and anastomoses with the ophthalmic vein. Units via the nasofrontal vein with the superior ophthalmic vein, which is likewise devoid of valves. A B

■ 7 Supratrochlear veins. Vv. supratrochleares [[v. frontalis]]. Begins at the coronal suture, drains the medial half of the forehead and joins the angular vein. A B

8 Supra-orbital vein. V. supraorbitalis. Emerges from the lateral part of the forehead and joins the supratrochlear veins. A

9 Superior palpebral veins. Vv. palpebrales superiores. Drain the upper eyelid. A

10 External nasal veins. Vv. nasales externae. Emerge from the external parts of the nose. A

11 Inferior palpebral veins. Vv. palpebrales inferiores. They drain the lower eyelid. A

12 Superior labial vein. V. labialis superior. Vein of upper lip. A

13 Inferior labial veins. Vv. labiales inferiores. Usually multiple veins from the lower lip. A

14 Deep facial vein. V. profunda faciei (facialis). Arises from the pterygoid plexus and passes anteriorly on the maxilla. A B

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