Right clavicle, inferior view

1 FREE PART OF UPPER LIMB. Pars libera membri superioris. Bones of the arm and hand.

2 Humerus. The bone of the upper arm. A B

3 Head of humerus. Caput humeri (humerale). A B

4 Anatomical neck. Collum anatomicum. Area between the head and the (greater and lesser) tubercles of the humerus. A B

5 Surgical neck. Collum chirurgicum. Tapering region distal to the tubercles and continuous with the shaft. A B

6 Greater tubercle. Tuberculum majus. Large prominence at the posterolateral end of the humerus. Site of muscle attachment. A B

7 Lesser tubercle. Tuberculum minus. Smaller prominence on the anterior surface of humerus. Site of muscle attachment. A

8 Intertubercular groove. Sulcus intertubercu-laris. Groove located between the two tubercles for passage of the tendon of the long head of the biceps. A

9 Crest of greater tubercle. Crista tuberculi ma-joris. Bony ridge extending downward from the greater tubercle. Attachment site for the pec-toralis major. A

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