11 Shaft of tibia. Corpus tibiae (tibiale). A B D

2 Tibial tuberosity. Tuberositas tibiae. Roughened area on the upper end of the anterior margin of the tibia. Attachment site of the patellar ligament. A

3 Medial surface. Facies medialis. Surface of tibia directed anteromedially. A D

4 Posterior surface of tibia. Facies posterior. B D

5 Soleal line of tibia. Linea musculi solei. Line extending obliquely from the upper, lateral part of the tibia, downward and across to the medial part, giving attachment to the soleus muscle. B

6 Facies lateralis. Lateral surface of tibia facing anterolaterally. A D

7 Medial (inner) margin. Margo medialis. A B D

8 Anterior margin. Margo anterior. A D

9 Interosseous margin. Margo interosseus. Border facing the fibula and providing attachment to the interosseus membrane along most of its margin. A B D

10 Medial malleolus. Malleolus medialis. A B

11 Malleolar groove. Sulcus malleolaris. Small groove on the posterior aspect of the medial malleolus for the tendon of the tibialis posterior muscle. B

12 Articular surface of malleolus. Facies articu-laris malleoli. Lateral surface ofthe medial mal-leolus facing the talus. A B

13 Fibular notch. Incisura fibularis. Depression on the lateral surface of the distal end of the tibia. Articulates with the fibula. B

14 Inferior articular surface. Facies articularis inferior. Inferior joint surface facing the talus. A B

16 Head of fibula. Caput fibulae (fibulare). The proximal end of the fibula. A B

17 Facies articularis capitis fibulae. Articular surface facing the tibia at the proximal end of the fibula. A B

18 Apex (styloid process) of head of fibula. Apex capitis fibulae. Upward pointing process on the head of the fibula. A B

19 Neck of fibula. Collum fibulae. A

20 Shaft of fibula. Corpus fibulae. A

21 Facies lateralis. Lateral surface that faces slightly upward. A D

22 Facies medialis. Medial surface between the anterior and interosseous margins. It faces the tibia. A B D

23 Facies posterior. Posterior surface between the posterior and interosseous margins. B D

24 Medial crest. Crista medialis. Bony ridge on the posterior surface at the border between the origins of the tibialis posterior and flexor hal-lucis longus muscles. B D

25 Anterior margin. Margo anterior. A D

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