1 Olfactory brain. Its comprised of the substantia perforata anterior, stria diagonalis, area subcal-losa and gyrus paraterminalis.

2 Anterior perforated substance. Substantia perforata anterior. Area posterior to the olfactory trigonewith perforations forthe passage of cerebral vessels. A

3 Diagonal stria (band) of Broca. Stria diagonalis [Broca]. Bundle of myelinated fibers often coursing obliquely over the anterior perforated substance. It connects the precommissural septum with the uncus. A

4 Subcallosal area. Area subcallosa. Area on the medial surface of the frontal lobe situated below the genu and rostrum of the corpus callosum. A

5 Paraterminal gyrus. Gyrus paraterminalis. Convolution on the medial surface below the rostrum and in front of the laminal terminalis. A

6 Corpus callosum. Massive transverse fibers connecting the right and left hemispheres at the base of the longitudinal fissure of the cerebrum. ABC

7 Splenium. Thick, free posterior end of the corpus callosum. B

8 Trunk. Truncus. Portion of corpus callosum between the splenium and genu. B

9 Genu. Bend in the corpus callosum located anteriorly above the rostrum. B

10 Rostrum. Anterior end of corpus callosum that tapers inferiorly to a point where it joins the lamina terminalis. B

11 Radiation of corpus callosum. Radiatio cor-poris callosi. Fibers radiating from the corpus callosum to the cerebral cortex. A D

12 Forceps minor. Forceps frontalis (minor). U-shaped fibers passing through the genu of the corpus callosum and connecting the frontal lobes. D

13 Forceps major. Forceps occipitalis (major). U-shaped fibers passing through the splenium of the corpus callosum and connecting the posterior parts of the occipital lobes. D

14 Tapetum. Continuous layer of fibers arching laterally and inferiorly from the corpus callosum and forming the lateral wall of the inferior and posterior horns of the lateral ventricle as well as the roof of the posterior horn. C

15 Indusium griseum. Thin layer of gray matter on the superior surface of the corpus callosum. B C

16 Medial longitudinal stria. Stria longitudinalis medialis. A medial longitudinal band of white fibers in the indusium griseum. It is part of the olfactory brain. B C

17 Lateral longitudinal stria. Stria longitudinalis lateralis. Paired longitudinal stripe embedded in the indusium griseum and covered laterally by the cingulate gyrus. It is part of the olfactory brain. B C

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