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1 Terminal portion of posterior cerebral artery. 21

Pars terminalis(corticalis). It supplies almost exclusively the posterior cerebral cortex mainly at the base of the brain.

2 Lateral occipital artery. A. occipitalis lateralis. Trunk for the three temporal lobe arteries. A B

3 Anterior temporal branches. Rami temporales anteriores. AB

4 Middle temporal branches. Rami temporales | 24 (intermedii mediales). AB

5 Posterior temporal branches. Rami temporales posteriores. AB

6 Medial occipital artery. A. occipitalis medialis. Twig for the sagittal surface of the posterior half ofthe cerebrum. AB

7 Dorsal branch to corpus callosum. Ramus corporis callosi dorsalis. Small, short branch to the splenium ofthe corpus callosum. A

8 Parietal branch. Ramus parietalis. Anterior branch to posterior portion of the parietal lobe. A

9 Parieto-occipital branch. Ramus parieto-occipitalis. It supplies the parieto-occipital sul-cus. AB

110 Calcarine branch. Ramus calcarinus. It supplies the calcarine sulcus. AB

11 Occipitotemporal branch. Ramus occipi-totemporalis. Lower branch extending into the temporal lobe. AB

12 Cerebral arterial circle [[Circle of Willis]]. Cir-culus arteriosus cerebri [[Willisii]]. Anastomosing arterial circle between the main tributaries of the cerebrum, i.e., between the internal carotid and the posterior cerebral arteries. B C

13 Internal carotid artery. A. carotis interna. Main anterior tributary in the cranial cavity. B C

14 Anterior cerebral artery. A. cerebri anterior. Anterior terminal branch of internal carotid artery. It supplies chiefly the greater portion of the medial and orbital surfaces of the cerebrum. C

15 Anterior communicating artery. A. com-municans anterior. Anastomosis between right and left anterior cerebral arteries. C

16 Anteromedial central arteries. Aa. centrales anteromediales. Short branches penetrating equally into the base of the brain. C

17 Middle cerebral artery. A. cerebri media. Lateral terminal branch of internal carotid artery. It frequently gives off the posterior communicating artery. C

18 Posterior communicating artery. A. com-municans posterior. Paired anastomoses between the internal carotid or middle cerebral artery and the posterior cerebral artery. A C

19 Chiasmatic branch. Ramus chiasmaticus. Branch to the optic chiasm. C

20 Oculomotor nerve branch. Ramus nervi oculomotorii. C

Thalamic branch. Ramus thalamicus. Long branch which passes to the thalamus from below. A C

Hypothalamic branch. Ramus hypothalami-cus. Branch to the hypothalamus. AC Branch to tail of caudate nucleus. Ramus caudae nuclei caudati. It is located medial to the choroid fissure. C

Posterior cerebral artery. A. cerebri posterior. Paired terminal branch of basilar artery. Since the latter is formed by the union of the right and left vertebral arteries, this produces a strong anastomosis of both vertebral arteries. A C


1 Internal thoracic [[mammary]] artery. A.

thoracica interna [[a. mammaria interna]]. It arises from the subclavian artery and descends along the anterior, inner surface of the thorax as far as the diaphragm. A B

2 Mediastinal branches. Rami mediastinales. Branches that supply the mediastinum. B

3 Thymic branches. Rami thymici. Branches that supply the thymus. B

4 Bronchial branches. [Rami bronchiales]. Branches to the bronchi. B

4a Tracheal branches. [Rami tracheales]. Branches to the trachea.

5 Pericardiophrenic artery. A. pericardiaco-phrenica. Accompanies the phrenic nerve and supplies the pericardium and the diaphragm. B

6 Sternal branches. Rami sternales. Branches that supply the sternum. B

7 Perforating branches. Rami perforantes. Vessels that extend through intercostal spaces 1-6 to the surface of the thorax. B

8 Medial mammary branches. Rami mammarii mediales. Larger perforating branches that supply the mammary gland. B

9 Lateral costal branch. [Ramuscostalis lateralis]. Normal variant. Arises from the internal thoracic artery and runs lateral and parallel to it. B

10 Anterior intercostal branches. Rami intercostales anteriores. Anterior tributaries in the intercostal spaces. B

11 Musculophrenic artery. A. musculophrenica. Passing behind the costal arch, it gives off additional anterior intercostal branches from the 7th intercostal space onward. B

12 Superior epigastric artery. A. epigastrica superior. Continuation of the internal thoracic artery after entering the abdominal cavity between the sternal and costal parts of the diaphragm [[ Larrey's space = sternocostal triangle]]. B

13 Thyrocervical trunk. Truncus thyrocervicalis. Variably common stem of the inferior thyroid, transverse cervical and suprascapular arteries. A B

14 Inferior thyroid artery. A. thyroidea inferior. It passes along the anterior margin of the scalenus anterioras far as the level ofC6 and then behind the common carotid artery to the thyroid gland. AB

15 Inferior laryngeal artery. A. laryngealis inferior. It passes upward behind the trachea, penetrates the inferior pharyngeal constrictor and supplies part of the larynx. A B

16 Glandular branches. Rami glandulares. They supply the inferior and posterior surfaces of the thyroid gland and the parathyroids via inferior and ascending branches. A

17 Pharyngeal branches. Rami pharyngeales. They supply the wall of the pharynx. A B

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