interna (cerebral cortex)

316.6 horizontalis 24.27 interna 28.25

lateralis (processus ptery-

goidei) 12.2 limitans anterior (Bowman) 356.8

limitans posterior (Descemet) 356.10

medialis (processus ptery-

goidei) 12.3 medullaris(-es) interna/externa296.23,298.23 lateralis 316.28 medialis 316.30 membranacea 384.22 modioli 374.24 molecularis (cerebral cortex) 316.3

multiformis (cerebral cortex) 316.8

muscularis mucosae 405.43 (colon) 126.10 (esophagus) 120.13 (small intestine) 122.28 (stomach) 122.13 orbitalis 20.11 parietalis 184.5 (tunica vaginalis testis)

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