Superior orbital fissure. Fissura orbitalis superior. Cleft between the greater and lesser wings of the sphenoid for the passage of nerves and veins. A B C

Greater wing of sphenoid. Ala major ossis sphenoidalis. AB C

Cerebral surface. Facies cerebralis. Surface of the greater wing facing the brain. A Temporal surface. Facies temporalis. Outward surface of the greater wing. B C Maxillary surface. Facies maxillaris. Surface of the greater wing facing the maxilla. The foramen rotundum opens here. C Orbital surface. Facies orbitalis. Surface of the greater wing facing the orbit. C Zygomatic border. Margo zygomaticus. Margin of the greater wing articulating with the zy-gomatic bone. C

Frontal border. Margo frontalis. Margin of the greater wing fused with the frontal bone. A Parietal border. Margo parietalis. Margin ofthe greater wing fused with the parietal bone. C Squamous border. Margo squamosus. Squamous margin of the greater wing that articulates with the temporal bone. A Infratemporal crest. Crista infratemporalis. Bony ridge between the vertical temporal surface and the horizontally-oriented inferior surface of the greater wing of the sphenoid. B C Foramen rotundum. Round opening in the great wing that extends anteriorly into the pter-ygopalatine fossa. It transmits the maxillary nerve. A B C

Foramen ovale. Opening for passage of the mandibular nerve in the medial part of the great wing, located in front of the foramen spinosum. AB

[Foramen venosum]. Opening occasionally present medial to the foramen ovale for passage of an emissary vein from the cavernous sinus. A B Foramen spinosum. Opening situated lateral to and behind the foramen ovale for passage of the middle meningeal artery. A B [Foramen petrosum]. [[Canaliculus innomina-tus.]] Opening occasionally present between the foramen ovale and the foramen spinosum for transmission of the lesser petrosal nerve. A B Angular spine of sphenoid. Spina ossis sphe-noidalis. Sharp, bony spur that extends downward from the greater wing. AB

Groove for the cartilaginous part of the auditory tube. Sulcus tubae auditoriae (audi-tivae). Shallow groove on the underside of the greater wing lateral to the root of the pterygoid process. B

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