inferior 232.13

of caudate nucleus 316.24

conjunctivum 290.26

superior 230.22, 232.9

of cerebellum 288.15

pontis 290.25

Basalis 396.25

of clavicle 34.29

Brain 278.14

Basilar 396.26

of epididymis 160.3

Brainstem 278.15

artery 206.17

of gallbladder 134.3


crest 374.5

of humerus 36.11

to atrioventricular node (right

membrane 372.20

of hyoid 28.17

coronary artery) 192.14

part of pons 284.8

of ilium 42.11

to carotid sinus (glossopharyn

plexus 238.12

of incus 382.8

geal nerve) 330.28

sulcus of pons 284.4

of ischium 44.2

communicating with facial

Basilaris 396.26

of mammary gland 394.20

nerve 324.28

Basilic vein 244.23

of mandible 26.12

to conus arteriosus (right coro

median 244.27

of maxilla 22.3

nary artery) 192.8

Basioccipital bone 8.6

of metacarpal bone 40.19

to isthmus of fauces (lingual

Basion 8.4

of nail 392.26

nerve) 326.2


of pancreas 128.5

to maxillary sinus (naso-

cartilaginis arytenoideae

of penis 162.29

palatine nerve) 322.20e

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