1 Tela subserosa. Connective tissue substrate for the serosal (peritoneal) epithelium.

2 Parenchyma. The essential functional elements of an organ.

3 Stroma. Supporting connective tissue framework of an organ.

4 Gland. Glandula.

5 Lobe. Lobus.

6 Lobule. Lobulus.

7 Mucous gland. Glandula mucosa.

8 Serous gland. Glandula serosa. Gland that secretes watery material.

9 Seromucous gland. Glandula seromucosa. Mixed gland that secretes watery mucous material.

10 [aNGIOLOGY. Angiologia. Study of vessels.

11 Arteriovenous anastomosis. Anastomosis arteriolovenularis (arteriovenosa). Direct connection between an artery and vein.

12 Artery. Arteria.

13 Nutrient artery. Arteria nutricia (nutriens). An artery that supplies tissues with nutrients.

14 Arteriole. Arteriola. Small artery directly preceding a capillary.

15 Arterial circle. Circulus arteriosus. Circle of anastomosing arteries.

16 Circular connection of vessels. Circulus vasculosus.

17 Cistern. Cisterna. Dilatation of a lymphatic vessel.

19 Lymph. Lympha.

20 Nervi vasorum. Nerves innervating the wall of blood vessels.

21 Lymph node. Nodus lymphaticus (lym-phonodus).

22 Lymphatic nodule (follicle). Nodulus (fol-liculus) lymphaticus. Circular mass of lymphocytes.

23 Lymphatic plexus. Plexus lymphaticus.

24 Vascular plexus. Plexus vasculosus.

25 Venous plexus. Plexus venosus.

26 Arterial plexus. Plexus arteriosum.

27 Rete mirabile. Two capillary networks lying one after another.

28 Rete vasculosum articulare. Network of anastomosing blood vessels around a joint.

129 Rete venosum. Venous network.

30 Sinus venosus. Venous segment devoid of a typical venous wall.

31 Tunica externa. Outer layer of a blood vessel wall.

32 Tunica intima. Inner layer of a blood vessel wall.

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