20 Angular notch. Incisura angularis. Radio-graphicallyevidentnotchatthedeepestpointof the lesser curvature. D

21 Cardiac part of stomach. Pars cardiaca. The portion of the stomach into which the esophagus opens. D

22 Cardiac orifice. Ostium cardiacum (cardia). Opening of the esophagus into the cardiac stomach. D

23 Fundic stomach. Fundus gastricus (ventricu-laris). Fundus (dome) of the stomach located beneath the diaphragm. D

23 a Fornix of stomach. Fornix gastricus (ventricu-

laris). Forms the upper boundary of the lower diaphragm.

24 Cardiac notch. Incisura cardiaca. Acute angle between the esophagus and the stomach wall. D

25 Body of stomach. Corpus gastricum (ventricu-lare). Portion of stomach situated between the cardia/fundus and pylorus. D

26 Gastric canal. Canalis gastricus (ventricularis). Channel formed by the longitudinal mucosal folds along the lesser curvature of the stomach. D

27 Pyloric part of stomach. Pars pyloricum. Distal segment of the stomach beginning with the angular notch and ending with the pylorus. D

28 Pyloric antrum. Antrum pyloricum. Initial segment of the pyloric stomach beginning at the angular notch. It may be temporarily closed off from the rest of the gastric lumen during the passage of a peristaltic wave. D

29 Pyloric canal. Canalis pyloricus. Lower terminal segment of the stomach, about 2-3 cm long. D

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