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1 Basis pedunculi cerebri. Synonymous with anterior part of cerebral peduncle, the cerebral crus. B

2 Corticospinal fibers. Fibrae corticospinales. Fibers of the pyramidal tract leading into the spinal cord. B C

3 Corticonuclear (corticobulbar) fibers. Fibrae corticonucleares. Pyramidal tract fibers for the cranial nerve nuclei. B C

4 Corticopontine fibers. Fibrae corticopontinae. Fibers of the cerebropontocerebellar tract.

5 Parietotemporopontine fibers. Fibrae parie-totemporopontinae. Fibers of the cerebropon-tine tract which originate from the parietal and temporal lobes. They lie in the lateral part of the cerebral crus. B C

6 Frontopontine fibers. Fibrae frontopontinae. Fibers of the cerebropontine tract which arise from the frontal lobes and occupy the medial sixth of the cerebral crus. B C

7 Substantia nigra. Black nucleus lying on the cerebral crus. Its name is derived from its content of numerous pigmented ganglion cells rendering it visible with the naked eye. B C

8 Compact part. Pars compacta. Dense part of substantia nigra containing pigmented cells.

9 Pars reticularis. Reticular (fibrous) part of sub-stantia nigra. It contains disaggregated pig-mented fibers facing the cerebral crus. Its cells are irregularly dispersed between the fibers of the cerebral crus.

10 Mesencephalic tegmentum. Tegmentum mesencephalicum. It extends from the sub-stantia nigra to an imaginary plane drawn through the cerebral aqueduct. B C

11 Central gray matter. Substantia grisea centralis. Gray matter around the cerebral aqueduct. B C

12 Mesencephalic tectum. Tectum mesencephali-cum. Part of the mesencephalon located dorsal to the previously mentioned transverse plane through the cerebral aqueduct. B C

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