1 vestibulocochlear organ. Organum vesti-bulocochleare. Sensory apparatus housed in the temporal bone for the perception of sound, equilibrium and positional changes.

2 INTERNAL EAR. Auris interna. Part of the vesti-bulocochlear organ residing in the petrous temporal bone.

3 MEMBRANOUS LABYRINTH. Labyrinthus mem-branaceus. Complicated system of ducts and dilatations within the bony labyrinth, which contains sensory epithelium and is suspended by connective tissue. A

4 Endolymph. Fluid contained within the membranous labyrinth.

5 Perilymph. Fluid occupying the osseous labyrinth and surrounding the membranous labyrinth.

6 Vestibular labyrinth. Labyrinthus vestibularis. Portion of membranous labyrinth constituting the organ of equilibrium. It includes the semicircular ducts.

7 Endolymphatic duct. Ductus endolymphaticus [[aquaeductus vestibuli]]. Slender duct arising from the utriculosaccular duct and passing through the osseous aqueduct of the vestibule to terminate as the endolymphatic sac. A

8 Endolymphatic sac. Saccus endolymphaticus. Blind sac of endolymphatic duct located between two dural layers at the posterior wall of the petrous temporal. A

9 Utriculosaccular duct. Ductus utriculosaccu-laris. Slender duct between the saccule and utricle. It gives rise to the endolymphatic duct. A

10 Utricle. Utriculus. Sac 2.5-3.5 mm in diameter, serving as the base for the three semicircular ducts. A

11 Semicircular duct. Ductus semicirculares. Three membranous ducts that resemble two-thirds ofa circular arch, each occupying its own osseous semicircular canal oriented perpendicular to the others.

12 Anterior (superior) semicircular duct. Duc-tus semicircularis anterior. It is oriented vertically and somewhat perpendicular to the petrous part ofthe temporal bone. A

13 Posterior semicircular duct. Ductus semi-circularis posterior. It is oriented somewhat vertically in a plane which runs parallel to the longitudinal axis of the petrous part of the temporal bone. A

14 Lateral semicircular duct. Ductus semicircu-laris lateralis. The most lateral, horizontally oriented semicircular duct. It may create a bulge in the medial wall of the tympanic cavity. A

15 Proper membrane of semicircular duct. Membrana propria ductus semicircularis. Layer below the basal membrane consisting primarily of densely packed fibers which extends into the looser network of the perilymphatic space. C

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