1 Pharynx. Passageway for air and food. 1416 cm long, it extends from the fornix to the beginning of the esophagus in front of the 6th cervical vertebra. E

2 FAUCES. Space between soft palate and base of tongue. E

3 Isthmus of fauces. Isthmus faucium. Space between right and left palatoglossal and pala-topharyngeal arches.

4 Soft palate. Palatum molle (velum palatinum). The dorsal portion projects downward in front of the posterior pharyngeal wall and assists in swallowing by closing off like a valve the na-sopharyngeal space from the oral cavity. A D E

5 Uvula. Uvula palatina. Conical process projecting downward from the posterior margin of the soft palate. A D E

6 Palatoglossal arch. Arcus palatoglossus. Mu-cosal fold overlying the palatoglossal muscle and extending from the palate to the tongue in front of the tonsillar fossa. A

7 Palatopharyngeal arch. Arcus palatopharyn-geus. Mucosal fold overlying the palatopharyn-geal muscle and extending between the palate and pharyngeal wall behind the tonsillar fossa. A

8 Salpingopalatine fold. Plica salpingopalatina [[plica palatotubalis]]. Fold extending from the anterior lip of the auditory tube to the soft palate in front of the tubal elevation. A

9 Palatine tonsil. Tonsilla palatina. Tonsil situated between the palatoglossal and pala-topharyngeal arches. A

10 Tonsillar pits. Fossulae tonsillae. Pit-like openings of the tonsillar crypts visible on the surface. B

11 Tonsillar crypts. Cryptae tonsillares. Epithelial invaginations extending into the tonsil from the tonsillar pits. B

12 Capsule of tonsil. Capsula tonsillaris. Fibrous capsule covering the organ.

13 Triangular fold. Plica triangularis. Triangular fold emanating from the palatoglossal arch in front of the tonsil. A

14 Semilunar fold. Plica semilunaris. Arched fold between the palatoglossal and palatopharyn-geal arches. It forms the upper boundary of the tonsillar fossa. A

15 Tonsillar fossa. Fossa tonsillaris. Recess for the tonsil bordered by the palatoglossal and pala-topharyngeal arches as well as by the triangular and semilunar folds. D

16 Supratonsillar fossa. Fossa supratonsillaris. Superior portion of tonsillar fossa not occupied by the tonsil. A

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