Spiral organ (of Corti). Organum spirale [[Corti]]. Sensory field on the basilar membrane that transforms sound waves into nerve impulses. D

Basilar membrane. Lamina basilaris. Plate of connective tissue between the cochlear duct and scala tympani. It extends between the tympanic lip of the osseous spiral lamina and the spiral crest. E

Spiral crest (ligament). Crista spiralis (lig. spirale). Spirally arranged system of fibers arising from the periosteum of the cochlear canal and radiating into the basilar lamina. E Nerve foramina. Foramina nervosa. Holes in the basilar lamina for transmission of cochlear nerve fibers from the hair cells to the spiral ganglion. D

Limbus of osseous spiral lamina. Limbus laminae spiralis osseae. Thickening and transformation of the endosteum on the upper layer of the osseous spiral lamina indented externally by the internal spiral sulcus. E

Vestibular lip of limb of osseous spiral lamina.

Labium limbi vestibulare. Upper, shorter process of the limbus. Site of attachment of the tectorial membrane. E

Typmpanic lip of limb of osseous spiral lamina. Labium limbi tympanicum. Lower, longer process of the limbus lying on the basilar membrane. D E

Tectorial membrane. Membrana tectoria. Fibrous membrane resting on the organ of Corti. It is narrow at the site where it attaches to the vestibular lip and ends freely beyond the row of outer hair cells. D E

Auditory teeth. Dentes acustici. The ridge-like rows of cells on the surface of the vestibular lip. The tectorial membrane attaches near here. D Internal spiral sulcus. Sulcus spiralis internus. Groove between the vestibular and tympanic lips. D E

External spiral sulcus. Sulcus spiralis externus. Groove on the outer wall of the cochlear duct between the spiral prominence and the spiral organ. E

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