1 Right ventricle. Ventriculus dexter. C

2 Right atrioventricular opening. Ostium atri-oventriculare dextrum. Opening between the right atrium and the right ventricle. A

3 Right atrioventricular (tricuspid) valve. Valva atrioventricularis dextra (v. tricuspidalis). Valvular apparatus between the right atrium and right ventricle comprised of three parts which arise from the fibrous ring and, by means of the chordae tendineae, are attached to the papillary muscles of the right ventricle. A

4 Anterior cusp. Cuspis anterior. A C

5 Posterior cusp. Cuspis posterior. A

6 Septal cusp. Cuspis septalis. It arises from the septum. A

7 Supraventricular crest. Crista supraventricu-laris. Muscular ridge which separates the conus arteriosus from the rest of the ventricle. C

8 Conus arteriosus [infundibulum]. Funnel-shaped, smooth-walled outflow tract in front of the opening into the pulmonary trunk. It repre-

Isents the embryonic bulbus cordis. C

9 Opening of pulmonary trunk. Ostium trunci pulmonalis. Beginning of the pulmonary trunk flanked by the pulmonary valve. A

10 Valve of pulmonary trunk. Valve trunci pul-monalis. It is made up of three parts. A

11 Anterior semilunar cusp of pulmonary valve. Valvula semilunaris anterior. A

12 Right semilunar cusp of pulmonary valve. Valvula semilunaris dextra. A

13 Left semilunar cusp of pulmonary valve. Valvula semilunaris sinistra. A

14 Nodules of semilunar cusps. Noduli valvularum semilunarium. Small thickenings in the middle of each free margin of the semilunar cusps that seal the wedge-like space between the three cusps when closed. C

15 Lunules of semilunar cusps. Lunulae valvularum semilunarium. Thin, crescentic area on both side ofthe nodules at the margin ofthe cusps. C

16 Anterior papillary muscle. Musculus papillaris anterior. Large anteriorly situated muscle. C

17 Posterior papillary muscle. Musculus papil-laris posterior. C

18 Septal papillary muscles. [[Musculi papillares septales]]. Short papillary muscles sometimes found arising from the interventricular septum. C

19 Septomarginal trabecula. Trabecula septo-marginalis. Muscular bundle extending from the interventricular septum to the base of the anterior papillary muscle and containing the right crus of the bundle of His. C

20 Left atrium. Atrium sinistrum. B

21 Left auricle. Auricula sinistra. Hollow fingerlike diverticulum of the left atrium located left of the pulmonary trunk. B

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